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Non-standard credits! "This Is The End," for the record. Hopefully the DVDs actually get that right this time. (Still not over that.) And hello Krycek in the flashback exposition montage!

This was a lot of nonsense. A LOT of nonsense. But it felt like more authentic nonsense, like more vintage nonsense, than the season premiere's poser/wannabe nonsense, which just filled me with rage. This kinda sorta vaguely can match up with what came before, so I am somewhat appeased.

I guess I can baaaaaarely believe CSM survived? He is a hard to kill cockroach so that much rings true. And at least they acknowledge that within the show's context he's supposed to be dead. And I know CSM is evil and all, but he did evil before in service of having some humanity survive the 2012 invasion. Having him think he could chose the chosen few has precedent, so that alone was not what bugged me, but him doing this out of environmental concern?? I could have used a little more to get me from there to here. I mean, tell me he was not prepared to give up power after the invasion threat came and went and that in preparing for the invasion, he came to see the benefits of a fresh start for humanity. Something more than global warming! I do believe that he'd hold the cure hostage to make Mulder come to him, though; that seemed in character.

And hello Agent Reyes. I have never rewatched the seasons she was in, so I can't quite remember if her actions were in character. It's probably better that way. Speaking of cameos from the past, why is Skinner so skeptical of Joel McHale, when he's the one who put him in touch with Mulder and Scully to begin with? He CALLED THEM OUT OF RETIREMENT/HIDING, because McHale had so much juice. That was just a weird beat.

I thought it was hilarious that it took until Agent Miller saw the app to try tracking Mulder's phone? What excellent investigative skills on display there! And Spartanburg, hahaha. VERY FUNNY, CSM. (I've stayed there. It was a bit bleh, as I recall, although as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer, we would not have been in the nice part of town, to be fair.)

And WTF was that ending, given that they hadn't decided to come back?? I mean there are the standard X-Files nothing is completely resolved little tags and then there is being an asshole with your cliffhangers. This was the latter, Chris Carter! I am guessing they will be back, though. The ratings were good and the important people are willing, so I think it will happen.
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