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HAHAHAHHAAH ZOMG. Shit could not get any realer. We have reached ne plus ultra of realness. Goddamn, now that was a finale.

Wow. SO much just happened, I don't even know! Ken Marino was a perfect guest star and I didn't see the Meat Cute charges coming. The scene where Liv tells Clive the truth was really well done, although poor Clive! He just had to blow up all that work. Still, better he learn by Liv telling him than by him stumbling across zombies another way. And omg, go Ravi (and poor Ravi), taking out the Max Rager hitman! But part 2, DUDE. Don E is the funniest (he probably can't remember how to untie takeout bags, hehehehe) so I hope he survived the hit. I don't even know what is going on with Blaine. He seemed more himself? But I am not sure. Poor Ravi, no matter what, but yay Peyton is ok! But RIP, Drake. That's Liv's second boyfriend in a row! But saving Clive was the right move. Omg, that prison party (white people, hahahahaha!), that was a diabolical trick for the previews. I was convinced it was an outbreak in Major's jail, but no. Major yet again was a finale VIP, with an assist from Gilda eating her dad. Twitter will not be kind, indeed. THE ONE AND ONLY ROB THOMAS HAHHAHAHHA. And damn, did not actually see the villain reveal for what it was (UNWELL, hahahahah!). I mean, I thought the mercs would be villain, but I thought they were going to be hunting down zombie kind, not the reverse! But let's hear it for the world's smartest security guard!!! The human race owes him a debt.

DUDE. Mind totally blown. That was some epic shit, right there.
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