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Bonnie is a total badass. Now that Cade is dead, I am thinking there'd be no danger in freeing Enzo? All the Kai stuff was pretty great, but hey, I like Two Princes! AHAHAHHAHHAHA KATHERINE YASSSSSSSSS. I am so so excited. Can't believe it is only 2 episodes left!

GODDAMN that was an episode. I have a theory! I am guessing Fitz's regret has to do with his father, otherwise why bring him up at all. So maybe he achieved success as his dad wanted, and never joined SHIELD. This could then be why the world thinks Jemma is dead, if she's stuck on the planet because Fitz wasn't there to figure out how to get her back. I mean, she probably still joined SHIELD and could have been sucked into the Monolith. Now that Hydra is overt, they maybe are sending even more people as tributes to Hive? But anyway, Jemma knows how the Monolith works and Hive's deal, so maybe she can get herself and Will off the planet? That would be super interesting. It will be nice to have Ward back for a bit, what a bind for Daisy, or Skye as he probably still calls her? I wonder what all the other changes are. Poor Mack, with his kid! *sniff*
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