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Yay, it's back? But that one was not very good. I was so excited to hear the theme song, but I genuinely don't get this episode. What did Joel McHale need Mulder and Scully for, if he knew everything all along? He has his own tv show, just say what you want to say, or if you need Mulder to get you proof, make that explicit. Except it seems like Mulder was being the one shown proof, aka the plane?

And one conversation of hearing Svetta (sp?) telling him that men took her babies, and now he doubts everything he uncovered about the alien conspiracy??? That the government was doing alien-ish experiments was always part of the conspiracy because they were trying to create successful hybrids so that some part of humanity would survive the alien invasion. So I don't see why this is new? And show, YOU SHOWED US ALIENS VS ALIENS ONSCREEN. The black goo and the bounty hunter and the ones with no faces, YOU SHOWED US THAT, are we supposed to believe that was pretend, all because the show runner could not keep his own goddamn mythology straight and so wants to chuck it out the window and start fresh?!??!?! GODDAMN IT CHRIS CARTER, JUST HIRE A FAN TO KEEP IT ALL STRAIGHT.

And Skinner felt really inauthentic. Why does Skinner put conspiracy guy in touch with them? Why does he think that is a good idea? What does Joel McHale offer them? WHY IS EVERYONE BUT SCULLY ACTING SO SO DUMB??

It looks like the previews have future episodes be MotW, and THANK GOD, because time has not made these chumps any better at crafting a coherent mythology. I do agree with the AV Club review though; that it sucked like a bad X-Files episode of old. It was its authentic old bad self, but hopefully it can be its authentic old good self too before the run is done.

Date: 2016-01-25 11:45 pm (UTC)
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I haven't seen it yet but the reviews all said the same thing - an incoherent mess. And that ep 3, a MoTW is really good.

Date: 2016-01-25 11:57 pm (UTC)
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It's just so aggravating, because CLEARLY keeping mythologies coherent is not what Chris Carter wants to spend his time doing. As I recall he basically said as much in interviews when people complained about it all falling apart. SO STOP DOING MYTHARCS THEN. Just do MotWs! They were most people's favorite episodes anyhow, we'd be fine with that! Instead he just basically said that THING WE SAW HAPPEN ON SCREEN never happened because it was a LIE because there is a BIGGER CONSPIRACY DUN DUN DUN. So instead of folding a losing hand, the show is doubling down. And I have less than no faith that it will go any better this time. Sigh.

Date: 2016-01-26 04:18 am (UTC)
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That really sucks. Someone said Carter is the George Lucas of TV. I have to agree.


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