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I've been thinking about Littlefinger. Littlefinger is basically terrifying. He set the whole War of the 5 Kings in motion, basically, by planting the idea about the heirs not actually being Robert Baratheon's kids with John Arryn via Lyssa, which is what started it all. He plans moves and moves and moves in advance.

And at the end, the look he gives Sansa is ambiguous, but I took it to mean, you know this (this=Jon being declared king in the north) is not advancing my interests. Which spells trouble for Team Stark.

So in thinking about where he might be vulnerable, my answer is Oleanna. They basically entered a mutually assured destruction pact when they conspired to murder Joffrey. The Tyrells were at the height of their power, basically, so she had a lot to lose and so of course she would protect the secret. Except now, she's basically a grandma on a kamikaze mission. She has nothing left to lose, everyone's dead! And what she wants most is revenge on Cersei. I can imagine that gloating about killing Joffrey might be a way she could stick it to her, so maybe the secret comes out. Dunno! But given the players left on the board, she strikes me as the one who could take Littlefinger out.

And it sort of bothers me that in all the reaction and recaps I've read (granted not all, who could manage that?) no one has brought up the story of the rat cook. It was pointed out in separate, later posts, which makes me wonder if a commenter brought it to their attention. So yes, what Arya did was gruesome, but it was inspired by old stories. Guests are sacred, y'all.


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