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Dec. 17th, 2016 10:49 pm
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I saw Rogue One last night in a packed theater. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and there was even some applause as the credits rolled. It wasn't pure joy like The Force Awakens, it's a tonally darker movie, but I liked it.

But OMG I was a little surprised that EVERYONE DIES. Like, literally everyone? I am wracking my brain, but I honestly think that 100% of new characters introduced for this movie die. Vader and Tarkin are the only survivors and of course they aren't new. GODDAMN. I knew there'd be a body count, but I did think someone, anyone would live to smuggle out the plans? Like, at least the droid? But no. RIP EVERYONE, AND I MEAN EVERYONE!

I liked Jyn (you have upper body strength for days, girl, good for you) and all the new characters, too, so boo. K2SO just about stole the movie, good job Alan Tudyk. And barely any white men except for villains, heheh, that makes me happy. (Although I did notice that all the Death Star engineers were old white men?)

I had thought when the movie trailer first came out that Jyn was going to be recruited because she had special skills or something, not that she had a special relationship with two dudes the rebellion needed. So that is vaguely irritating. But she alone is who got the mission to get the Death Star plans off the ground, so that's better. Although they had NO PLAN WHATSOEVER, damn, girl.

Have we ever heard of those Khyber crystals before? I never knew they powered light sabers. That's probably a reference to parts of the world building I never went deep enough to know. I did like how different the locations left, especially the tropical ones.

I thought the music was a little lackluster. Either it wasn't John Williams, or John Williams was phoning it in a little. And CGI Tarkin (or whoever that dude's name is) was not great. Better to have had it shot from profile or in shadow or something.

It was impressive how well it married up with Episode IV. They were the ones who made the New Hope possible! For all that they didn't have hope for themselves.


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