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ENZO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Omg that was so mean. But of course them being so happy and planning for the future should have been a big warning sign. I just want Bonnie to be happy because she is the best, gah. Ok, here is what I am thinking. Enzo is just in hell, right? His soul went to Cade. But we learned hell is not real, it's just a psychic dimension Cade's telepathy created upon his traumatic death. So maybe they can get Enzo out??? PLEASE?!?!?! At least enough to set his soul free.

The episode before that was a trip. Grams! I squealed. Vicki, awwwww. I love how Damon apologized at long last. Matt was overdue that. Sheriff! ♥ And Tyler, too, but he didn't really get to act like himself. I hope that's not the extent of his goodbye. Miss Mystic Falls, omg that feels like forever ago.

To be honest, I have completely forgotten how the cure works. But if Bonnie is a witch again, maybe she can make something happen? I can't believe there are only 5 episodes left. This show is not in peak form, and hasn't been since Nina Dobrev left, but I do still love the characters. I hope they get a happy-ish ending!


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