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I will miss this show. As a series end, it was mostly satisfying. As a season finale, it felt super rushed. I know they only had Nina Dobrev back for one episode, and that was probably why it was all so rushed. There were two plotholes I can name, which this show is usually really good about avoiding. 1) Ok, so they can't kill Vicky, but can't they physically lock her up to prevent her from ringing the bell? What's wrong with the chains in the dungeon? There are like 5 of them against her. That was such an obvious solution. 2) Why couldn't the twins siphon the spell away from where Elena was trapped? I mean, it should have at least come up, and then if Alaric and Caroline had shot it down as too dangerous, I would have been ok with that.

There were many things I did love: Katherine somehow doing her hair while in hell, ALL THE BENNET WITCHES omg that made me tear up, everyone finding peace. Jeremy doesn't even get a line, but it was nice to see him and Grams! And Aunt Jenna! And Jo! *sniff* The Caroline/Stefan stuff, which the internet said made them cry, did not do it for me. I liked them a couple of seasons ago, but am now secretly rooting for Caroline and Alaric. Stefan's dead -- and it was a very nice sacrifice -- and Caroline and Alaric will build a life together because of the girls, so I hope they find happiness. And I was a little surprised that Enzo didn't come back, but he'll be waiting for Bonnie and they'll be at peace together.

Hopefully some of the characters can cross over on The Originals! But it was a great run while it lasted, if this is the end.


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