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Stolen from [ profile] poisontaster

1. Have you ever been to Ireland?

Yes, briefly. My family years ago was in Northern Ireland and we took a day trip down into Ireland, specifically Dublin. It's all a bit of a blur to be honest.

2. According to Facts about Ireland, 73% of Americans are unable to locate Ireland on a map bereft of country names. Whether you are American or not, can you find it on a map?

Yes, I can. OMFG, 73%??

3. Are you or do you know a natural redhead?

I know lots! I don't quite qualify, I don't think. I was strawberry blond as a kid and it darkened as I grew up. You can see reddish tones in sunlight, but I don't think it's enough to call me a redhead.

4. Will you be celebrating St Patrick's Day?

I wore green and ate Irish soda bread someone brought into the office, does that count?

5. Do you even know who St. Patrick is and why we celebrate his day?

He chased snakes out? Profoundly not Catholic, never much cared about the premise.


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