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2017-03-17 11:47 pm

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Stolen from [ profile] poisontaster

1. Have you ever been to Ireland?

Yes, briefly. My family years ago was in Northern Ireland and we took a day trip down into Ireland, specifically Dublin. It's all a bit of a blur to be honest.

2. According to Facts about Ireland, 73% of Americans are unable to locate Ireland on a map bereft of country names. Whether you are American or not, can you find it on a map?

Yes, I can. OMFG, 73%??

3. Are you or do you know a natural redhead?

I know lots! I don't quite qualify, I don't think. I was strawberry blond as a kid and it darkened as I grew up. You can see reddish tones in sunlight, but I don't think it's enough to call me a redhead.

4. Will you be celebrating St Patrick's Day?

I wore green and ate Irish soda bread someone brought into the office, does that count?

5. Do you even know who St. Patrick is and why we celebrate his day?

He chased snakes out? Profoundly not Catholic, never much cared about the premise.
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2017-03-12 11:02 pm

Vampire Diaries finale

I will miss this show. spoilers )

Hopefully some of the characters can cross over on The Originals! But it was a great run while it lasted, if this is the end.
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2017-03-09 10:08 pm
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Peeps contest is no more! :(((((

BOOOOOOOO. Maybe another paper will host the contest instead? But they'd better hurry up, or Easter candy season will pass us by.
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2017-02-27 12:55 am

TVD 8.14, SHIELD 4.15

TVD 8.14 ) Can't believe it is only 2 episodes left!

GODDAMN that was an episode. I have a theory! SHIELD 4.15 )
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2017-02-09 12:47 am
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2016-12-17 10:49 pm

Rogue One

I saw Rogue One last night in a packed theater. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and there was even some applause as the credits rolled. It wasn't pure joy like The Force Awakens, it's a tonally darker movie, but I liked it.

spoilers )
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2016-10-03 12:45 am

Come From Away

This weekend, I went with my mom, aunt, and cousin's wife to see a musical at Ford's Theater called Come From Away. It's about the town of Gander, Newfoundland which is where 38 planes were diverted on 9/11 when US airspace closed. Around 7000 passengers from all over the world were stranded there for days, essentially doubling the size of the town. The musical tells the story of the townsfolk and the passengers during those days.

It was stellar. It was about shared human experiences and managed to be touching and uplifting and funny and sad from one number to the next. I was afraid it would make me sob in public, but while I did cry some here and there, it is not trying to be a tearjerker. The music reminded me of Once, with its strong Irish/Celtic influence (which is apparently true to Newfoundland).

It's a real ensemble show, and everyone was great. (My fave character was the SPCA lady.) There's around a dozen people on stage at nearly all times and nearly all songs are also ensemble. The same dozen actors play many, many characters just using quick costume changes and their skill to make clear who is who.

It will make its way to Broadway, the program tells me. Highly recommended. Here's the Washington Post's review, for those interested.
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2016-09-27 08:32 pm

hahaha this is the greatest

Alexandra Petri's writeup of the debate last night for the Washington Post is amazing.

Last night’s debate, or the mansplaining Olympics

The whole thing is worth reading, but these are my favorite parts:

CLINTON: (unexpectedly) Did you just criticize me for preparing for this debate? Because what I was really preparing for was to be president of the United States, and that takes hard, hard work! Hard work I’m ready to put in!

(summons an eagle) (it perches on her shoulder) (fireworks shoot off) (a glass ceiling shatters)

Perhaps I over-prepared this answer and it was not exactly related to what you just said, but I have literally been rehearsing it since I was 4.

Hehehehe. Also:

HOLT: Mr. Trump, do you have a better temperament?

TRUMP: I have the best temperament. Obviously.

CLINTON: Obviously. Yes. Obviously. You have interrupted me 70 times to say nonsense remarks that indicate you have not the faintest idea what you are talking about. Seventy times. I have spent my life doing this. You decided, like, last year that you were mildly interested in it and that you would probably be great at it. I wish I had that confidence. I wish any little girl did.

If I had coughed even once on this stage, I would have lost this debate instantly. And so you know what? I did not cough. Not even once. You sniffed and you lectured and you made faces and you sighed. And I stood there. Impassive. Like a screensaver. I focus-grouped my number of blinks.

But maybe it worked. Maybe, just this once, America saw a man yammer on for an hour and a half about a subject he knew nothing about to a woman who had spent her lifetime in that field, and America said, “Oh,” quietly, to itself. Maybe. But knowing America, maybe also not.

And of course I made the mistake of reading the comments and there are men objecting to it being called mansplaining and calling it sexist, and sigh. Never read the comments.
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2016-08-31 11:44 pm


Holy shit, can tomorrow really be September? BAH. I feel like I have not eaten nearly enough corn on the cob and watermelon and other summer things. Your parents aren't lying to you; time really does pass faster when you are older.

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2016-07-25 12:36 am

Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities

Have you ever wondered what kind of circus a steampunk dr who fan/fish enthusiast would put on? Wonder no more, because I have the answer, and it is Kurios by Cirque de Soleil.

The story context was not ever explained as far as I experienced, and was visually cool. That's just the dressing, though. The acts were astonishing. The acrobats and trampoline and balance acts were all so stellar, I gasped multiple times. So fucking cool. I think it's a lot closer to the beginning of its US tour than its end, so maybe you'll get the chance to see it. (I would maybe not recommend it for very small children; there were several dr who-esque humanoid robot things that I found semi-creepy that would have terrified me as a child. I sat next to a family with small (kindergarten-ish?) kids who left after intermission, perhaps for this reason.)
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2016-06-29 10:38 pm

Game of Thrones thought

I've been thinking about Littlefinger. spoilers for s6 )
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2016-05-14 06:43 pm

Eurovision 2016!

First ever time airing on US TV! Hahaha, of COURSE the Logo broadcast commentator is Carson Kressley. When he saw the opening number, he was like, I'm starting to get why they call Eurovision the Gay Olympics.

1. Belgium -- Disco-ish, but I think she's pulling it off. She also sort of is dressed like a disco ball, which is not a criticism. This sounds like it could be a genuine radio hit, if US radio ever gave it a shot. Sure to be on many cardio mixes in Europe!

2. Czech Republic -- Ballad-ish, but not a snoozefest, so I give her credit for that. It's ok, but not fated to be a fave of mine, though.

3. Netherlands -- Country-ish, not what I thought a Dutch cutie with a neck tattoo would sing but it's pretty catchy. I think he'll probably do well.

4. Azerbaijan -- She's cute, but I am not in love with the song. The chorus is at an unkind part of her register, although she sounds great during the verses. I do appreciate that she has a golden microphone to match her gold catsuit.

5. Hungary -- Total cutie. Too bad about the lackluster voice. I presume everyone was too dazzled by his cheekbones to notice. The whistling backup singers are everything, though. Also the purely decorative faux drummers.

6. Italy -- First non-wholly-English song. She's cute, but eh, song's just ok. Random garden staging, and omg bedazzled overalls. Those are sort of amazing.

7. Israel -- Carson Kressley is correct in his Adam Lambert comparison, in terms of aesthetic. His voice is good, but slow ballad, meh.

8. Bulgaria -- Most expensive outfit in Bulgarian history? How! I was expecting it to be made of diamonds, not leather, when I heard it in the commentary. Is it the tanned hide of the last unicorn?? Catchy song. I like it. I bet she does well.

9. Sweden -- I give the kid credit for proper use of the subjunctive, but that was a bit of a snoozefest.

10. Germany -- Hahahahhahaha omg I am all about her outfit. This is what I watch Eurovision for. Her voice is good, but I am not sold on the song. It's ok, but it's not the best showcase for her.

11. France -- Hahaha, of course the French guy sings in French. I like his voice. He's a cutie and the song is catchy. I bet he does ok. (Oh, eventually there's some English mixed in.)

12. Poland -- Hahahaha he looks like a young Chris Cornell had sex with Kenny G, then stole Sgt. Pepper's jacket. Good voice, though, can't dispute that. Get this kid a new stylist!

13. Australia -- SPARKLES!!! The song is an excellent showcase for her voice, well chosen, lady. She's got a great voice.

14. Cyprus -- Hahahahha why are they all in cages? They went the opposite of the usual sparkly aesthetic, straight to grunge from a time machine. This ridiculousness is why I watch, so for that I thank you, Cyprus. WOLF HOWL, YESSSSS, hahahahaha!

15. Serbia -- Amazing epaulettes. She's got a great voice, well served by the song. The hair was amazing too.

16. Lithuania -- His voice is ok, and the song is uptempo, so I should like it, but I am left sort of cold. He seems like he might be insufferable in real life.

17. Croatia -- OMG amazing outfits! I like her voice, too. Thank you for giving me what I watch Eurovision for. Her voice was indeed Cranberries-esque, Carson.

18. Russia -- Stagecraft sorcery! Too bad the song is so generic.

19. Spain -- She's cute, but not sure why she's wearing a bedazzled jersey? Catchy song. As Tiff says, Spain is the FL oF Europe, and she's the Ke$ha.

20. Latvia -- It's like Erasure and George Michael had a baby. (But inherited the vocal range of neither, as Tiff says.) He's trying very hard to sell this song, but I am not completely sold. It's decent, but not great.

21. Ukraine -- Um? She's trying, but I am left cold. Non-English song. Those are some sleeves, she's dressed like a confessor. I like the kaleidoscope stage better than the song.

22. Malta -- Good voice, uptempo song, amazing cleavage. Still, I am not in love for whatever reason.

23. Georgia -- I am kind of digging their sound, but WTF is up with the camera work.

24. Austria -- She's cute! But why is she singing in French? Is she pandering for the French vote?

25. UK -- Catchy and they are cute. I like it. It sounds like it could be a genuine radio hit, but it's more normal than I think of for Eurovision.

26. Armenia -- J.Lo is going to want her outfit back, better watch out! She's got a lot of power in her voice, but she sounds pitchy. Not the best song.

Not sure about the ranking order, but I liked Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, France, UK, Georgia, and Australia.

Hahahahahahah, the spoof song Love Love Peace Peace was hilarious. The Swedish video was also pretty great.

Proving yet again how little I am in touch with tastes, Ukraine won. WHYYYYY? Did they see the same song I did? Australia or Russia, who were 2 and 3 I liked better. Poor Germany, they never ever do well in all the times I've watched. Surprised the UK duo finished 3rd from last. I never, ever correctly judge Europe's tastes. The ones I liked finished 10th (Belgium), 11th (Netherlands), 22nd (Spain), 4th (Bulgaria), 6th (France), 24th (UK), 20th (Georgia), and 2nd (Australia). It's a mystery!
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2016-04-21 08:18 pm

you don't have to watch dynasty to have an attitude

Noooooooooooo! RIP, Prince. Man, so sad and unexpected. 3 out of 6 of my preprogrammed radio stations were playing Prince during my commute home, so well done, radio. (Different songs, too!) But my favorite song, Pussy Control, won't be played on the radio, and I can't even find it on YouTube! I also LOVE Raspberry Beret and Seven, among so many others. Gett Off! Cream! Man.

I remember as a kid in the 80s hearing people talk about Prince as sexy. And at the time, I was like, whuuuh? I didn't get it. I thought other singers were sooooo cute (see: NKOTB) but didn't get the sex appeal of Prince, for all that I was happy to sing along to his music on the radio. And then Prince sort of faded from my view, and he didn't get back on my radar until college, where one of my friends was an ENORMOUS fan (perhaps uncoincidentally, she was from the MN area). Once I was older, I was like, oh, I get it now. Prince, you just knew, would fuck a girl right.

I remember seeing Wanda Sykes on one of those VH1 comedian talking heads shows, either the Top 50 Artists Who Whatevered, or I Love the 80s, or some such. And what she said about Prince was that he was a weird little dude, but if some woman told you that she had the best orgasm of her life while fully clothed courtesy of Prince staring intently at her, you'd believe her. Because he was Prince. Now that's some mojo. What a loss!
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2016-04-12 10:48 pm


HAHAHAHHAAH ZOMG. Shit could not get any realer. We have reached ne plus ultra of realness. Goddamn, now that was a finale.

spoilers )

DUDE. Mind totally blown. That was some epic shit, right there.
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2016-04-02 05:53 pm

ok, this made me laugh

I am no big fan of April Fools, but heheheheheh. That's pretty good.

If anyone's been following the USWNT pay equality fight, this NY Daily News article is super interesting, because it explains how secret and opaque the money in soccer is, so the women can't prove what they earn for the league, which is a hinderance when arguing what they deserve to be paid. Reading it will also make you hope some hacker exposes all of FIFA's dirty little secrets as soon as possible.
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2016-03-01 10:54 pm

Agent Carter 2.10

Please let this show come back for another season!! Or a mini-series, I am not picky!

Read more... )

This show is so delightful and I love all the characters, so I really really really hope this is not all we get.
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2016-02-23 01:19 am

X-Files 10.6

Non-standard credits! "This Is The End," for the record. Hopefully the DVDs actually get that right this time. (Still not over that.) And hello Krycek in the flashback exposition montage!

This was a lot of nonsense. A LOT of nonsense. But it felt like more authentic nonsense, like more vintage nonsense, than the season premiere's poser/wannabe nonsense, which just filled me with rage. This kinda sorta vaguely can match up with what came before, so I am somewhat appeased.

Read more... )
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2016-02-21 06:24 pm
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Mad Peeps: Fury Road

Am I done? I think I am done.

This is reasonably close to what I saw in my head, so I am fairly pleased.
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2016-02-21 05:29 pm
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Mad Max peep

Max strapped to war boy vehicle. It's sort of hard to see in this photo, but there's a blood line connecting Max to Nux.

Closeup of Max. There's not a whole lot of face to cover with a metal head mask, so I did the best I could.

Almost done now!
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2016-02-21 02:25 pm
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diorama progress


What I've done so far on the War Rig.


Flame-shooting guitar playing guy


Polecat warboys


Polecat warboys



The wives are done, too, but glue needs to dry before photos. All that's left, basically is Max and the vehicle he is strapped to.